Ian Taylor
Crypto UK & KPMG
Board Advisor & Head of Digital & Crypto Assets
Ian is the Board Advisor to CryptoUK (CUK), the United Kingdom’s trade body representing more than 150 companies from across the U.K. digital asset sector. CUK partners with other industry bodies such as UK Finance, Innovate Finance, Electronic Money Association, Blockchain for Europe, Global Digital Asset Currency Association, Blockchain Association, Access, IDAXA, and AIMA to coordinate public policy positions impacting the industry globally. He is on the Advisory Board of IDAXA, and participates in numerous steering committees and industry working groups, such as the OCED’s Working Party 10 on Global Tax Compliance. He is a frequent editorial contributor and speaker at industry events.

Ian is also the Head of Digital and Crypto Assets at KPMG UK. Where he leads the cross firm offering to support clients operating within the crypto and blockchain space.

Ian leads the organisation and its strategic policy initiatives to ensure the voice of the community is heard at the policymaker level. Ian is passionate about the UK fulfilling its global leadership potential in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. His work within regulatory and government affairs is focused on ensuring policymakers implement balanced policy making which fosters innovation, job creation and increases investment opportunities within the UK.

Ian oversees the secretariat for the Crypto & Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group, a cross-party group within Westminster that provides a forum for parliamentarians, regulators, government agencies and industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to the crypto and digital asset sector.

Ian possesses more than 20 years of experience in capital markets and fintech, with a depth of expertise within financial markets and disruptive technologies. Prior to joining CUK, Ian was the Advisory Board Secretariat for Global Digital Finance, a leading global members association focussed on best practice development to accelerate the adoption of global standards for digital assets. Previously, Ian led teams across investment banking functions, specialising in Rates, FX and Fixed Income markets, global treasury management, funding, capital allocation and liquidity management.
11:45AM - 12:10PM
Clock Ticking: Can Regulators Finally Get DeFi Right?
With the passage of MiCA, European regulators punted on the hard stuff. CeFi players they could adequately keep in check, but on-chain finance presented a set of challenges that haven't been addressed yet. As conversations about DeFi regulation advance the world over, this panel of prominent crypto thinkers offers a path forward.
1:50PM - 2:10PM
Future of Money: Can CBDCs and Stablecoins Co-Exist?
State-issued vs. decentralized digital money could be the major clash of the coming decade. As regulators tighten the reins follow crypto's disastrous 2022, this panel of experts will tackle whether stablecoins will be allowed to exist in a world of where governments use CBDCs to steer the health of their national economies.