Jake Stolarski
CEO & Founding Member
Jake is a founding member and CEO of Nero Chain, a modular Layer 1 focusing on availing the virtues of Account Abstraction to 10x user experience while improving efficiencies through modularity in order to onboard, educate, cultivate and retain the next generation of web3 citizens.

Jake is one of the early pioneers in Digital Asset Options markets. On the leadership side, Jake was on a team of 3 that launched the first SEC/CFTC registered Crypto derivatives fund and has been contracted by the top VC and trading funds in the crypto space. Jake served as CTO at Cube Network, a modular L1 from Huobi Innovation Labs from the same team which delivered HECO.

Before Crypto, Jake traded as a Designated Primary Market Maker on the floors of the American Stock Exchange, CBOE, and NYSE for numerous exchange-traded options series in the Nasdaq, Russell, S&P, Emerging Markets, and VIX. He also team of three consistently ranked in the Top 5 in global Crude Oil options volumes with strategies focusing on asymmetry strategies as a principal at a proprietary commodities fund.

Being one of the foremost options experts in crypto, Jake helped many Crypto projects with treasury management by crafting defensive, convex options positions. Additionally, in the Digital Asset space Jake has traded on nearly every centralized and decentralized platform. Yield Farming in dozens of liquidity mining programs and being cross-chain-fluent, he has honed his ability to maximize token yield across all DeFi while incorporating a risk management foundation that is extremely rare in crypto. Being close to founders in the digital asset ecosystem has afforded Jake the opportunity to participate and advise in many DeFi protocols and GameFi projects.
11:05AM - 11:20AM
How Account Abstraction Breaks Down Web3's Barriers to Entry
On-chain onboarding is a tall task for new users. Seed phrases are daunting. Initial gas fees can be a burden. There's certainly room for improvement. That's why many builders see account abstraction as a massive level-up for exposing new users (and crypto veterans alike) to the benefits of on-chain experiences. Jake Stolarski, co-founder of the new L1 Nero, makes the case for why account abstraction is critical to crypto's future.