Yves La Rose
EOS Network Foundation
Founder and CEO
Yves La Rose is a global technology entrepreneur who founded the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and currently serves as its CEO. Yves is a long-standing, well-respected leader within the EOS community, known particularly for the pivotal role he has played in the ecosystem’s resurgence.

He was fascinated early with the concept of decentralization, and blockchain and cryptocurrency offered an opportunity to finally further develop his interest. He started mining Bitcoin in 2010 and used his amassed BTC to buy parts for his computer. Yves co-founded EOS Nation, a top-performing block producer on the EOS blockchain. Before his entrepreneurial pursuits, Yves worked for the Government of Canada and the Assembly of First Nations. Additionally, Yves spent several years in Japan, where he immersed himself in Eastern culture and developed a robust network of business and technology leaders, lending credibility to his ability to lead with political savvy and cultural awareness.

In 2022 he led the EOS Network Foundation through a rapid growth period. The organization achieved a major consensus upgrade to establish network independence signaling a new beginning period for the platform. The year also marked accomplishment in securing funding which helped to accelerate global growth of the team, repositioning the network, launch of new partnerships and attracting new projects.

Yves was recently named a top 50 crypto and blockchain industry influencer. The story of the EOS community taking the power back exemplifies the new power balance in web3. EOS is a leading Layer-1 network for developers looking to build blockchain-based games (GameFi), deploy decentralized applications (dApps), and create digital assets such as NFTs.
11:50AM - 12:10PM
Not Just Theatre: How EOS Got Rid of Block.One
The EOS coin offering was one the largest ever, raising over $4 billion in 2018. Yet today, the EOS ecosystem has turned on original developer Block.One, and thrown its weight behind a new foundation to steward its future. We'll discuss this fascinating, and high-stakes, example of governance in action with EOS Network Foundation head Yves La Rose, and tease out insights that other decentralized networks might glean from the episode.